I made checkers for my WDi project 0. Checkers is hosted via firebase, which allows multiplayer. To play, you will need someone else to open the web browser or you can open a second web browser. The big circle on the left indicates whose turn it is, white will always start. The circle above that lets you know who you are in the game, there are 3 possibilities: White, Red or Spectator.

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Online RPG

For this project I made an online Role Playing Game, it uses Ruby on Rails for the backend and Phaser in Javascript for the actual game itself, I used web sockets for real time connection between players.

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Whats Happening

Whats happening was made for my group project. We used React for the frontend and used webpack so that we could use Ruby on Rails for our backend.

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Speed League

Speed League is an online multiplayer game in which 2 teams compete to survive the longest each round. You start by choosing one of many characters which each have their own special ability which gives them an advantage. Green walls spawn throughout the game and anyone can walk over them to collect them and spawn a wall for their team.

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